Casa Love Stories - Series 1

Helen Furlong

Our story began on the 4 /12 /1986 , Peter and I met on a blind date outside W H Smith at 8pm . Peter suggested your restaurant,  I had been a few times before and liked it . He ordered wine 🍷 then our starters. I ordered melon and Parma ham. Then the dishes arrived and to my horror it was a whole melon 🍈 with ham, I could not believe it here was me trying to be ladylike!!! I didn’t know were to start , trying to eat my melon no matter what I ate the starter was not getting any smaller ! So much for making a good impression . The rest of the meal went well, staff were lovely 😊 . I must of made a impression on Peter he said he fell in love with me there and then . We got engaged two months later , and married a year to the day we met. We have been married now over 30 years still in love ❤️ Peter still brings the melon starter up and the priceless look on my face !!! We have had some lovely memories of your restaurant , but nothing has topped our first one.  Hope you have enjoyed our story as much as I had sharing it with you, hope life will be good to you all take care xox

Arran Bordi