Copy of Casa Love Stories - Series 6

Mandy Watters

Casa Italia has great memories for us! We first went in 1986, got engaged and celebrated in 1991. We emigrated to Australia and brought our kids back in 2017, it will always have a special place in our hearts 💕 and of course we queued every time but it was worth it ❤️

Arran Bordi
Casa Love Stories - Series 5

Julie Pierce

The Casa has been a fave since 1976 !!! In the early days a carafe of Red Lambrusco was the order of the day not to mention that sweet trolley. I remember seeing Bishop David Shepherd sitting in a window seat eating the sugar cubes.  So many happy family memories with my parents and I still go there now with my husband .

Arran Bordi
Casa Love Stories - Series 4

Wendy Jobbins

The Case Italia is the first place I went to for a meal with my husband 30 years ago and we have been going ever since. I’ve lost track of how many birthdays and "out for teas" we have had here. We used to bring our daughter from when she was first born all through the years.  A couple of weeks ago her boyfriend proposed to her in there on her birthday.  You'll never beat The Casa for me x

Arran Bordi
Casa Love Stories - Series 3

Paula Cartwright

When I was 13, 35 yrs ago, my older sister took me and my twin brother for our 13th birthday treat, it was our first ever meal in a restaurant, I ordered the lasagne and loved it. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience 

I’ve been back lots of times since and  I’ve taken my kids. I still have the lasagna as it brings back so many memories 

So glad you’re still going strong 👍🏻

Arran Bordi
Casa Love Stories - Series 2

Danielle Padmore

We have been coming to your restaurant since at least 1995 (they are the first photos from my dads 40th) we came here at least once a month (and my mum and dad came once a week on their afternoon off!) and we continued to come through family celebrations and shopping trips over 20 years. My mum and dad both passed away 2 years ago and we still make sure we visit whenever we are in town and I now bring my family and my child and he loves it as much as we do! You are our family tradition that will continue as long as you are around!

Arran Bordi
Casa Love Stories - Series 1

Helen Furlong

Our story began on the 4 /12 /1986 , Peter and I met on a blind date outside W H Smith at 8pm . Peter suggested your restaurant,  I had been a few times before and liked it . He ordered wine 🍷 then our starters. I ordered melon and Parma ham. Then the dishes arrived and to my horror it was a whole melon 🍈 with ham, I could not believe it here was me trying to be ladylike!!! I didn’t know were to start , trying to eat my melon no matter what I ate the starter was not getting any smaller ! So much for making a good impression . The rest of the meal went well, staff were lovely 😊 . I must of made a impression on Peter he said he fell in love with me there and then . We got engaged two months later , and married a year to the day we met. We have been married now over 30 years still in love ❤️ Peter still brings the melon starter up and the priceless look on my face !!! We have had some lovely memories of your restaurant , but nothing has topped our first one.  Hope you have enjoyed our story as much as I had sharing it with you, hope life will be good to you all take care xox

Arran Bordi